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The Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching provides access for individuals to connect with a qualified coach who can support them to reach their goals.

To peruse the menu of available coaches and the services they offer, click on the button below.

You will be directed to a list of coaches who have been trained in this program.

When you discover a coach whom you believe may be appropriate for you, contact that person by writing a message and clicking on “Send your message.”  You are welcome to contact more than one coach if you like.

Each coach offers a different specialty and method of working with clients. Some coaches offer a free brief introductory session.

When you have connected with a coach of your choice, relate directly with him or her. At that point the Foundation has served its role and your interaction with the coach is independent of the Foundation.

We sincerely hope that this process will assist you to resolve any questions or issues you are facing, clarify your direction, and meet your most important goals.


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