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Here you will find a wealth of information if you are seeking to become a professional life coach, or incorporate the skills into your current profession.
We are here to support you to integrate holistic values on your chosen path. Enjoy the adventure!

Alan Cohen


Our Principles

Every person has the capacity to live a healthy, happy, productive life, to enjoy well-being and thrive in physical health, relationships, career, finance, and all the endeavors that bring us joy and reward.

We are multi-faceted beings who experience life through mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions.  Happiness and success proceed naturally when we recognize the whole person and integrate all of these factors.

We are each responsible for our experiences. We attain life mastery when we identify the power of choice and causation within ourselves rather than attributing our experience to persons and factors outside ourselves.

We support each other to grow and thrive by listening, validating, reframing, reflecting, and holding the highest vision of each other and our potential.

Life coaching is a valid, effective, and productive method to resolve issues, clarify our path and purpose, and achieve our chosen goals.

Authenticity is a primary factor in success and well-being. When we  trust and act on our unique inclinations, intuition, and guidance, we succeed.

Healing and success do not require self-compromise, self-sacrifice, pain, or struggle.  Wellness is achieved by acceptance of self and recognizing the opportunities that difficulties contain. Challenge invites us to grow and become more of who we truly are.

A Higher Power by whatever name we know it is the source of all life and resides within us. When we accept the presence and love that Power offers us, our life takes on meaning and we gain the ability to fulfill our purpose in life.

Service to our fellow human beings is the means by which we make the world a better place and find the deepest personal reward.

What the Foundation Offers:


Trains individuals who wish to become professional life coaches or integrate life coaching skills with their current career and/or personal life.


Guides coaches to build their coaching practice, augment current profession, or segue to full-time-coaching.


Offers a forum for coaches to communicate, support each other, and enjoy the benefits of community with like-minded professionals.


Provides ongoing support for graduates to sustain their coaching skills, build new ones, and keep developing their practice.


Expands the awareness, appreciation, and practice of holistic life coaching by educating the public about its principles, skills, and services.

Upcoming Programs

Life Coach Training

Better Your Life by Helping Others Better Theirs

September Program is full, accepting wait list. Now Accepting Applications for the January 2025 Program.

Become a certified professional life coach to build a part- or full-time career, or use the skills to become more successful in your current profession and personal life.

Every client has the capacity to know the path to success.
The coach’s role is to help the client access his or her passion and genius.

  • Clarify your purpose, goals, direction, and niche within the domain of life coaching.
  • Deepen your self-awareness as a platform for effective coaching.
  • Build a storehouse of coaching skills to achieve practical, observable results.
  • Access your intuitive guidance as a complement to formal skills.
  • Gain the confidence to present yourself as a qualified coach.
  • Attract clients in alignment with your vision, skills, and interests.
  • Master money issues, setting fees, and worthiness to be paid for your services.
  • Help clients choose and achieve goals meaningful to them.
  • Set appropriate and healthy boundaries.
  • Employ marketing and business tools to expand your practice.
  • Base your practice on holistic and metaphysical principles.
  • Segue from your current career to part or full-time coaching.

All positive change begins in the mind, heart and attitude.
Outer change naturally follows inner awakening.

Training Elements and Schedule:


Fourteen – 75 minute interactive webinars on Tuesdays at 5:00 PM Pacific/California


40 – lesson interactive online course


In-Person Training Hawaii Island (Big Island) September 23 - 27, 2024. In-Person training for the January start date is February 3-7, 2025.


One – 60 minute personal coaching session via zoom with Alan Cohen


Many practice coaching sessions


Certification upon completion


Strong community of peers


Graduate support

In-Person Training Logistical Information:


In-Person Training ~ Hawaii Island (Big Island) Airport Code KOA


Retreat will be held at the beautiful Hawaii Island Retreat  at the northern tip of the Big Island.

*Please do not contact the retreat center to book a room before you are accepted to the program. All room bookings will be handled by our office. 
Please note that all travel related expenses, flights, accommodations, transfers, meals, etc., are the responsibility of the participant. 
Thank you


Upon acceptance you will receive access to our course portal with all of the detail and necessary information to prepare for the program and the retreat.
Please note that the onboarding process will require your attention as much as two months in advance of the start date. Although minimal, your cooperation is necessary.

Struggle is not required.
As you and your client trust and
follow your natural instincts, answers and directions reveal themselves.

You deserve to be supported and paid to do what you love as you empower others to do what they love

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Program sponsor reserves the right to accept applicants who, in the opinion of the sponsor, are a match for the program, and to not accept applicants who, in the opinion of the sponsor, are not a match.



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