What is Life Coaching?


Tina Antonell

Life coaching clients can enjoy the benefits of establishing a clear view of themselves; getting a vision of the path to change and finding true joy in their lives. You have the ability to heal any part of your life that is not working. With clear-guided steps and support, you can live a fulfilling, happy and purposeful life. Coaching allows you to access your own inner wisdom which is always present and available.

– Coach Tina Antonell


Sandra Nelles

Life coaching is distinguished from therapy in that therapy usually focuses on resolving mental or emotional illness, whereas coaching focuses on enhancing achievement and fulfillment in high-functioning individuals. A coach is regarded as a peer and not an authority in empowering and supporting others.

– Coach Sandy


Kelli Richards

Life coaching is about helping clients to move through perceived obstacles and areas where they’re stuck in their lives to experience transformation and expansion in seeing bigger possibilities than they can see for themselves. A good life coach acts as a lighthouse to support their clients in resolving perceived challenges in the moment and then reminding them who they really are so that they can achieve greater fulfillment and happiness; this will enable them to live their best life — the one they were meant to!
– Coach Kelli Richards

Paulie Skaja

Life coaching is the opportunity to work with an experienced individual exploring areas of your life that have offered repeat challenges with the intention of making changes that will allow your desired outcomes to become reality.

– Coach Paulie Skaja


HolderBob Bradshaw

Life coaching is empowerment! Have fun discovering how life coaching can help crystallize your vision and transform your TODAY into the passionate accomplishment of your DREAMS.

– Coach Team Bob and Mary Ellen Bradshaw

Life coaching describes the path that you and I walk as partners once you choose to move from stress to success. I, as your coach, provide you with encouragement and guidance. You will bring your willingness to make positive changes that lead to resilience, ease, happiness and success!

– Coach Jean Sprague
Carol McKeag

Life coaching is a process that supports you to create and live your grandest vision of your life by making choices that are in alignment with your deepest values and guiding principles. Coaching is based on the knowledge that YOU are whole, complete, resourceful and creative.

– Coach Carol McKeag
Montie Sommers
Life co
aching is partnering as a peer, not as an authority, to help another shift their experience. It is a process of being highly supportive and totally nonjudgmental, and transitioning clients away from self imposed limitations and conditioned thinking. I encourage all to set appropriate goals after they understand their own powerful energy.

– Coach Montie Sommers



Life Coaching is a safe, gentle, transformative process which raises consciousness in a way that brings clarity and purpose to the lives of clients. This creates a deep connection for living a creative life filled with passion, authenticity, ease, and freedom.

– Coach Cherie Ray, MLA


Gillian Driscoll

Life Coaching is assisting clients to connect with the wisdom and guidance they already have available to them from both their own Inner Spirit and Divine Guidance, that will bring them success, clarity and Inner Peace.

– Coach Gillian Driscoll, Ph.D

Janet Gray

Life coaching is a way for women to connect to all their power, courage, and wisdom that God gave them. It’s an opportunity for a woman to identify what’s holding her back from living the life she truly desires, and to bring forth her inner guidance and Truth.

– Coach Janet Gray


Randi Suskin

Life coaching is a way of unveiling the beauty, balance and brilliance of your being. Learning to listen to the whispers of guidance that come from your heart, ultimately leads you back home within yourself.

– Coach Randi Suskin