Clarifying your Purpose as a Holistic Life Coach

The Power of Your Presence

Effective Attending Skills

Reflective Listening

Validating Your Client

Reframe for Fresh Perspective

Setting Your Coaching Environment

Preparing Spiritually for Your Coaching Session

Opening Your Coaching Session

Client as Sage

Open-Ended Questions

Keep Your Client on Track

Using the Two Voices Technique

Overcoming Resistance

Coach as Bringer of Relief

Mastering the Role Play Technique

Empathy and Sympathy

Intellect and Feelings

Presenting Issues and Core Issues

Accessing Preference

Work with the Willing

Permission Slips

Client as Mirror 

Unfreeze Your Clients

Soul Contracts

Setting Healthy Boundaries


Concluding Your Coaching Session

Mastering Money

Marketing and Building Your Coaching Business

Intuitional Coaching

How Long Coaching Takes

Ethics in Coaching

The Spirit Factor

Evolution in the Coaching Relationship

Ready to Fly

Certificate Requirements

If you wish to receive a signed Certificate of Completion for the Life Coach Training, you will be asked to do the following:


Participate in at least 12 out of the 14 webinars. (You must be on the webinar for at least 60 minutes to be considered present.)


Have your personal coaching session with Alan.


Participate fully in the In-Person Training Retreat. No late arrivals or early departures, please.


Do at least twenty 50-minute practice coaching sessions over five months, and submit reports, including getting your clients to submit feedback reports, all in a timely manner.


Participate live or watch recordings of five sessions of the online Coaching Room, and submit a brief report on the coaching skills you learned.


Pass a written final exam.


Demonstrate to the instructor a basic working knowledge of life coaching skills.


Participant fully including submitting your Self- Intro, Required Documents, and Travel Itinerary, requested prior to the start of the course.

Important Note: Our preferred method of communication is via email. We ask that participants be knowledgable in computer skills, including email and online automated systems.  We do not text or use other social media applications for communication.  Thank you



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