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Due to the current conditions around covid-19 regarding international and domestic travel, do you offer an online training in lieu of the in person training?

The simple answer is no. In the 10+ years of offering this training we have found time and again that the in person training is an invaluable and irreplaceable element on the course. We have been able to use facilities that have permits to host meetings and while the conditions have changed with social distancing, mask requirements, food service etc., we still feel that it is worth the effort to conduct this portion of the training in person. (We are committed to complying with regulations and guidelines and do take the current situation very seriously.)

I live outside of the United States and my country currently does not allow foreign travel. Is there any way I can participate in the training?

We are sympathetic to the issues around foreign travel at this time. However, we do not offer an online option (see question above). We would just ask that you wait until travel is allowed and apply for the training at that time.

When is the next training scheduled?

Typically the trainings begin in January and September.
Whilst we reserve the right to change start dates, it is our intention to leave them as such.

Am I too (young) (old) to start coaching?

Certainly not! Participants in our programs span age ranges from early twenties to late sixties and beyond. Age matters not in coaching. Skill, intention, presence, and service supersede years, few or many.

I do not intend to become a professional life coach. Instead, I would like to use life coaching skills in my current profession. Would the training still be appropriate for me?

Many students who participate in the program do not intend to become a professional coach. We have salespeople, real estate agents, teachers, and massage and reiki healers, for example, who deepen or expand their practice by applying the skills taught in the training.



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