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“The experience was beyond my expectations, which were high. I had been a business coach for many years and sought to become a better coach. This program not only helped me become a better coach, but a better wife, mother, person and friend. I completely trust Alan and couldn¹t imagine a better teacher for me. He is open, fun, kind, gentle, loving, wise, insightful, and comes from the heart at a level of depth rarely seen. This is a no-lose proposition. If you feel even remotely drawn to attend this training, I highly recommend that you trust the pull and go for it.”

– Roberta Ross, Real Estate Sales Trainer

“I have taken other life coach training programs and this one is by far the best. Every aspect of it is transformational and integral for life mastery. My life has really taken off as a result of this program. I am entirely passionate about life coaching and living a life aligned with the principles set forth in this course. Alan IS the real deal. He offers a great amount of support throughout the process. He is the embodiment of what he teaches. I couldn’t recommend this program highly enough!”

– Annemarie Nuccio- Life Coach & single mother of 6

“After researching many programs within Australia I just could not find one that offered the holistic perspective that this one did. Once I realized this was a global program my hesitations surrounding the location of the retreat and time zone of the classes disappeared. What I was not prepared for was the richness this program offered my life. I am now part of a Global Coaching Network and feel connected and supported by this as I begin my life as a Holistic Life Coach. The program created a belief in my ability, tapped into my strengths and nurtured and supported the areas I needed to develop. I will be forever grateful for the learning, love and lessons I have experienced. In one word “Transformational”

– Jo Langhorne, Travel Manager

“Taking The Life Coach Training Program has become the best investment I have made for myself, my family and my future thus far. From this incredible experience, I’ve gained self awareness, confidence, and an array of fundamental tools for coaching others. Learning from Alan’s generous example, presence and knowledge, as well as the valuable material covered in the program and the supportive group environment, this program has become a vital touchstone on my spiritual path. Thank you from all my heart.”

– Emily Jelliffe, Mother/Postal Service Agent

“This workshop rocks! The perfect pairing of dynamic coaching lessons and inspiring spiritual concepts. I gathered loads of useful skills to help me along my path to coaching mastery, but I’ve really grown personally too, deepening my overall experience of life and relationships too!”

– Christopher T., Great Big Leapz Coaching

“This course has taught me to be better in all I do. I have learned to hone my skills of listening, to have deeper levels of trust, and not always needing to find immediate answers. I recommend this class for anyone looking to go to another level of their evolution and enhance their existing lives.”

– Carolyn Gable, CEO, Transportation Warehousing Company

“This is by far the most phenomenal life altering course I have ever taken. Practical skills, methods, techniques, and theory for being better at one of my passions, sharing with people about life, and discovering/encouraging the genius that they already are. I love watching a client smile from the inside, after being listened to and encouraged to take the next step toward their dreams. Alan and the course are incredible, as is the caliber of the group which I now consider to be a vital part of my ongoing spiritual growth.”

– George Denslow, Engineer

“The Life Coach Training Program was, hands-down, one of the best experiences of my life. From start to finish, the journey led me to a personal transformation beyond my wildest dreams. From the inspiring retreat, to the rich and practical curriculum – my life will never be the same thanks to this opportunity. As a coach, my confidence has soared. As a student of life, I could sum it up in one word…priceless. What Alan provides is a true gift for anyone who is open to authentic, spiritual-based life coach training from the heart.”

– Michelle Burnes, Life Coach

“Thank you for sharing yourself with me and the world. Everyone you touch has more love after experiencing your lovely energy. Thank you for creating this course. The lessons are very thorough. The classes were informative and fun. You are a grand teacher/mentor/coach. I am so very grateful that I was able to participate in the course. And for all the wonderful new relationships. It is difficult to articulate all the ways I have grown, but I’m very pleased that I received enlightenment in the two specific issues I had hoped for.”

– Karen Fields, Engineer/Consultant



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