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Testimonials by Life Coach Training Graduates

“I have loved every moment of the Life Coach Training program, and am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in it. I found it to be a comprehensive training program of the highest quality as well as a journey of self-discovery. Alan ensures the relevance of the program by personally delivering material that he has developed in his own highly successful life coaching practice. The guidance and coaching that Alan personally provides to each participant throughout the program is what makes it makes it exceptional, and results in graduates who are confident that they are well equipped to offer life coaching services in a way that is meaningful to them.”

– Jean Sprague, former Government Supervisor, Alberta, Canada

“The Life Coach Training helped me grow and appreciate myself much better with a greater ease in life. The bonus was being with like minded people – caring, empathic, with high energy and vibration. Thanks for your help and support along this journey!”

– Jim Loughhead, Corporate Executive

“This Life Coaching course was one of THE BEST INVESTMENTS that I made this year! The value that I got from the course far exceeded the cost! Alan is one of the best teachers in the field of Life Coaching. His coaching style sets him far apart from others in such a way that there’s an organic and rich flow to his coaching. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to make an investment in their personal or professional growth! You can only win by choosing to do so!!”

– Sissy Pavolic, Park Ranger, Physical Conditioning Coach, Massage Professional

“I’ve gained a wonderful sense of self confidence, empowerment and insights. Alan’s approach transmits in very clear, simple and powerful notions the true art of metaphysical life coaching. This program gave me permission to believe more deeply in my own abilities, my own power, and it confirmed to me that is now the moment to share and enjoy my gifts and talents with my fellow humans. For anyone who feels that calling to finally take the courage to live and share with others what it means to live an authentic life, I can guarantee that you’ll love that part of the journey with Alan.”

– Paul Mucret, Attorney, Brussels, Belgium

“The life coach training was a deep and profound experience for me. My soul reached a higher level of awareness and the connection with Higher Power is stronger and greater now. I am inspired to continue my inner work and to see the world with an open heart. But most of all, the true blessing was to finally move from fear to LOVE. It is so wonderful to live from that place. This training provides practical insight on how you can use coaching principles in your sessions.This training will change your life!”

– Agnieszka Szczesniak, Human Rights Attorney, Brussels, Belgium

“This has been the most advanced body of work that I have come across. Success is guaranteed. Filled with spirit and the Tao.”

– John Nelson, Life Coach/Sports Specialist

“I did not expect the training to be “life altering” and this is truly what I have experienced. I always measure ROI (return on investment), and this coaching program is worth at least ten times what I paid for it. Through Alan’s weekly training and the five day retreat, I have learned to truly listen to my clients and have become a much more empowered coach. I have also formed strong bonds and lifelong friendships with each of my coaching partners in the training program.”

– Janet Moeller, Executive Coach

“This experience has been life-changing. I have found more of myself, learned so much, and made life-long connections with other lovely souls. I am so excited about launching my coaching practice, and am confident it will be the best, most fun, and most rewarding “job” I could do! Plus, it will allow me the opportunity to learn more about myself and become closer to Spirit. How good can it get indeed!”

– Cari Koss, Counselor

Kerry Boehner

“While I’ve always had the desire to better assist my business clients, family and friends, I am now equipped with the tools to make a more joyful and peaceful impact. As an executive recruiter, I can better empower my clients to discern their best career path. As a mother and friend, I am witness to my loved ones finding clarity in their lives. I am blessed to have learned these life-changing tools.”

– Kerry Boehner, Executive Recruiter

“Since taking The Holistic Life Coaching program I have experienced profound shifts in my life. My confidence level has risen significantly. I relate to others from a more peaceful place as I feel a sense of serenity and calmness within. The skills I learned have not only given me tools to help others, they have also helped me feel more grounded and supported in my life. I am grateful to Alan for his compassionate and loving presence. The gifts are still unfolding.”

– Catharine Durst, Oil industry administrator



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