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“When you follow your heart, only amazing things can happen. That’s what I did when I came across Alan Cohen’s Life Coaching Program. I follow my heart, and it took me to a place of inspiration and transformation. I found answers and a whole set of tools that have allowed me to improve my relationships, to be more present and to experience more peace and joy in my life. I am truly grateful for this remarkable experience!”

– Laura Rodriguez

“The word I would use to describe The Holistic Life Coach Training Program is: TRANSFORMATIONAL! I came away with a deep experience of connection to Spirit, and more importantly a sustainable feeling that I can trust this connection and use it to step into my own unique work and shine there. The program offered valuable processes that honed and reminded us that we truly are whole and complete, and that each of us too, are valued for our own gifts. Because of this powerful work, I am able to now take the next step that I was previously afraid to do! The course is phenomenal. It was expansive, dimensional and personal. I highly recommend it for anyone considering a career in Life Coaching.”

– Reagan Breen

“Taking the Life Coaching course is unequivocally one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I’ve mastered Active Listening and Reframing, and use these frequently in my daily life with amazing results. My adult children share their concerns with me now because I no longer give them the “motherly advice” but speak to them as a coach. And it gets better. I’ve received many heartfelt emails from clients whose lives have been deeply touched, some transformed, and many have referred my services to others, as well.”

– Rose Neil-Dunphy, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

“The Life Coach Training Program was one of the most wonderful, insightful and empowering experiences of my life. Not only did I gain valuable tools to use in my practice but I learned how important the power of being present with others is. I utilize so many skills learned in my personal life as well. I highly recommend this course as it has changed my life!”

– Mandy Leonardo, Hypnotherapist

“This is the best training, of any kind, I have ever been a part of. From the first day of the training, each student was treated as though we were already successful coaches. With Alan’s gentle encouragement we grew as individuals and stepped into the vision he held for us. I consider it one of my life greatest gifts to be able to study with Alan Cohen. I recommend this program to anyone interested in digging deeper within to rise to new heights beyond.”

– Sandy Printer

“As an actively practicing Family Law attorney, I have a very enthusiastic recommendation for the fantastic FHLC Life Coach Training program, which offered me far more than I ever expected. There was so much from the program that I was able to transfer to my law practice. I use the new skills in day-to-day dealings with troubled clients and sometime irate opposing attorneys. The benefits have been lasting and incredible. The enhanced perspectives, the new resources, all have been invaluable for me, even in the most challenging circumstances. I feel confident and competent in helping my clients formulate new and effective strategies for the rest of their lives. Our goal becomes how to turn this time period of challenge into a time of transformation. It became immediately clear the great respect that many highly-ranked Life Coaches have for Alan.”

– Les Hait, Attorney

“My experience with Alan’s Life Coaching Certification was better than I could have imagined. The holistic approach to this program was exactly what I was looking for to expand my clientele and enhance my career. Alan’s teaching skills were supportive, practical, and to my delight, the content of this course also enhanced my personal journey of self awareness and spiritual growth. I never expected to witness the transformation and the successful results of Life Coaching with my clients. This work ignites passion and I am grateful to be a Life Coach supporting others to awaken to their true potential.”

– Karen Paolino Correia, Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Founder of Heaven on Earth holistic health center

“Since enrolling in the Life Coach Training Program, I am a changed person who understands her desires are all attainable, all unfolding right now. This course gave me every tool I needed to become business savvy, self-aware, and deeply aligned with a Higher Purpose. Alan is one of the most articulate, spirited, and motivating individuals on the planet. Because of his programs, I am moving mountains.”

– Deborah Handrich, Adjunct Professor, Shoreline Community College, Editor of Crosscurrents Magazine

“My goal in taking the Life Coach Training was to learn to assist others but it gave me even more than that. The lessons and group interactions built my confidence and skills in collaboration. The course covered every aspect of Life Coaching. With practice calls and instructor feedback, mastery of the techniques had me applying them in my work and personal life, with tremendous success. My personal growth was the most rewarding gift on this adventure. I look forward with confidence/knowledge that I can transition into Life Coaching as a full time career.”

– Bev Mullen, Systems analyst/Data entry

“The Life Coach Training Program profoundly shifted my life. I gained both a great understanding of very grounded, real tools to assist myself and others, as well as access to a deeper confidence and trust in my intuition and my connection to higher guidance. My relationship to myself and others has most positively and wonderfully been transformed. I feel blessed to have been guided to this rewarding and most beautiful life path.”

– Lynn McCallion, Life Coach, Teacher, Artist



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