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“Like many of us I wanted to be successful so I bought into the belief that passion was something one does as a hobby (if lucky), not for a living. Attending the Life Coach Training has connected me with the most fabulous group of people and most importantly has connected me to myself. Alan is a living example of his teachings which have taught me to live my passion each day, contributing and collaborating with Life to help all others unleash their own. The longing is over. Life is good.”

– Lydia Flores, Certified Management Accountant

“This program changed the direction of my life! I first heard about Alan on HayHouse Radio talking about “heal the healer” and that’s exactly what this program did for me. I had 10 years clinical experience as a Naturopath and was exhausted, disillusioned about health care and I really thought I was done with it. This program brought me back to where my passion lives, gave me deeper clarity about my experiences and reconnected me to myself as a healer. For me this program was the most important teaching about healing that I have learned. Alan’s knowledge and wisdom is so inspiring, and have empowered me to make BIG changes in my life so I’m having the experiences that bring me joy.”

– Vesna Hrsto, Life Coach & Naturopath

“I had been looking for a life coach training program for years and not found one that appealed to me. Then a friend introduced me to this Life Coach Training program and I knew I had found the right one. Alan is a caring, supportive and wise teacher and mentor. His approach to life coaching is insightful, intuitive and spiritual yet at the same time, he provides his students with practical tools and methods to address the many kinds of issues that clients bring to coaching. For me, this program was not only an educational experience, it was a life changing one as well. Alan taught us that in learning to coach others, we cannot fail to learn and grow more ourselves and this was definitely the case for me. I highly recommend this Life Coach Training course to anyone who wants not only to be supportive to others but has a desire to move further along their own life path.”

– Gillian Driscoll, PhD

“The Life Coach Training program really helped me to expand the hearts and minds of each client I worked with in a positive way, as it also helped me to grow as an individual. The program especially helped me to see the importance of listening whole heartedly, not only as a life coach, but in all aspects of my life. A truly enriching program that I recommend to all!”

– Mandy Leonardo, Hypnotherapist

“Going through this certification program not only allowed me the insight that I had been looking for, but it allowed me the opportunity to expand my vision and actually put it into action. Alan’s method of teaching is nothing short of brilliant. He captures the essence of allowing your own answers to come forth and your authenticity to shine, while at the same time expanding your greatness. Meeting the others going through the certification with me was a priceless added bonus. They are soul friends for life.”

– Carol Marzouk, Global Trainer, Relationship Coach, and Speaker

“I loved this coaching course! I found it to be the perfect blend of concrete strategies for effective coaching and a solid base of spiritual understanding and support that was just what I was looking for. Alan “walked the talk” demonstrating the skills he was teaching, including validation, reframing, effective listening, clarifying questions, zeroing in on what a client really wants beneath the surface goals, and practical tips to set up a practice. The most important take-away for me was the awareness of the importance of one’s intention to be a successful coach by serving the divine in all. The retreat was fabulous, watching Alan work with each individual, supporting us to identify where our energy lives and overcome any obstacles to manifest our most passionate visions. At the end of the retreat, each of us shone brightly, and blended as a beautiful community of lights. I am excited to begin my new adventure as a Life Coach!”

– Frances Delahanty, PhD, Psychology Professor, Pace University

“I can’t thank you enough for your healing presence, guidance, connection and inspiration on this journey over the last 6 months. What I have gained from you and this program is immeasurable and I am deeply grateful. I am currently in a world with many “healers” and gurus but only a small percentage of whom actually live their lives in a way that I want to emulate. Thank you for being an example of pure love and authenticity. My life has been very touched by your presence.”

– Jennifer L., Global Adventure Travel Organizer

“These life coaching principles immediately began enhancing my life. The manifestation of ideas from the weekly lessons and group discussions transformed realities. My work became more joyous, relationships healthier, and old scripts and emotional baggage got left behind. When you see profound results in your own life and then apply these coaching skills to assist your clients, the mutual healing, gratitude, and bliss is exponential. The tuition and retreat cost was the best money I ever spent.”

– Marion Luque, MD

“I am filled with gratitude to Alan for creating and sharing a Life Coaching program that moved me deeper in all aspects of my life both personally and professionally. It not only gave me the skills and knowledge to use in guiding my clients, it also reminded me to trust my own inner wisdom as well. I feel extremely blessed to have been a part of this experience, the group with whom I journeyed, and I am confident that my “Hair Chair” Life Coaching practice can only grow from here…”

– Vicky Morrison, Hairstylist/Life Coach

“Knowing I wanted to help others has always been a part of my life. But figuring out how and who could help me on that path, seemed to be a challenge. Until I met Alan, and finally I felt someone who was in alignment with me and my beliefs of where I wanted to coach from. With this program I gained the confidence I was looking for, the clarity that I needed to see what that looked like, and the tools I needed in order to empower my clients and get results. Thank you Alan for your guidance and invaluable wisdom. You are truly an inspiration!”

– Lena Glennon, Actress, Model, Lifestyle Design Consultant



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