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Testimonials by Life Coach Training Graduates

“This program has been a defining journey of purpose for me. It is definitely more than just learning coaching skills, it is personally transformative. I am immensely grateful to have experienced a program that infuses the Spirit in all aspects of coaching. It was also an amazing experience of connecting with like-minded people in an open, accepting, and supportive forum.”

– Veena D., Attorney/Life Coach/Reiki Master Teacher

“I have taken many spiritually oriented classes in my life, none of which have provided what the life coaching course has. This one is the game changer. Greater love, joy, wisdom, awareness, excitement and compassion have been some of the rewards I’ve received from the program, and they increase more every single day. As if that isn’t enough, I’m starting a new career which I feel so passionate about. It’s all so much more than I ever could have imagined. I started reading Alan’s books over 20 years ago, but it was when I picked one up last year and saw he was teaching a life coaching course that it was bam! – this is what I want to do! I was blessed in that moment with complete certainty, but I would say for anyone who may not have more than a slight inclination…go for it!”

– Randi Suskin, Life Coach

“Through this program I have learned guiding principles that I now use regularly towards approaching life positively and decision making. Through Alan’s instruction and counseling, I can now help a client reframe a situation through a positive lens, achieve clarity on the core issues affecting their feelings and desires, and set them on a path, through action planning, towards resolution and greater peace and happiness.”

– Mary Ellen Bradshaw, Corporate Manager

“My interest in taking the course was to enrich my parenting and add to my skill set in facilitating healing circles. What I received from the course was that and so much more. I enjoyed learning new skills, receiving the support of like-minded fellow students, learning more about myself, and growing as a person. The most profound change it’s had in my life is that it has deepened my intimacy with my loved ones and I find I am more present with them than ever before. I discovered that I love coaching and am adding a coaching practice to my life. Alan’s teaching style is warm, encouraging and supportive and the experience of a retreat under his guidance is nothing short of amazing. He is the real deal, a teacher who walks the talk (and the talk is wonderful). I couldn’t recommend this course more highly!”

– Wendy MacPherson, Healing Circle Facilitator

“As a result of the training I had a huge energy shift and level up in my own life. I was feeling tired and worn out from being a new mother and I felt like I was losing my energy and motivation. Since the course I have had much more energy and passion and I feel like I’m more in the flow with my life. This improvement has even affected my school that I run which has doubled in enrollment since I took the course. I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and connect to their purpose and help others do the same.”

– Heather Han, Counselor & Director of Massage Therapy School

“The Life Coach Training Program is wonderful. It taught me the bottom line skills, the nuts and bolts of what makes a great life coach. It coalesced the three decades of experience that I already had, into a coaching delivery system that is solid in the ABC’s of life coaching. This program also deepened our wisdom, intuitive nature, which is an essential skill for life coaches. I am so much more confident and effective as a life coach since taking his course. And the price is VERY reasonable.”

– Sandhya Matthews, Massage Therapist

“For me, the Life Coach Training program was absolutely life-changing. I feel much happier, much more “me.” And I have new “tools” and ideas to return to a more fulfilled me if I drift to my old, more troubled self. I am far more able, in my work and in my home, to participate in healthy relationships. I look forward to formally launching my coaching career, with this wonderful foundation of skills, insights, techniques, trust, and awareness. Thank you SO very much.”

– Nettie Kromeyer, Senior Manager

“This program is different than most life coach trainings! Alan has an amazing gift to bring out the best in his students. Other courses teach “methods” and give you information. This course will bring out your own unique gifts that you have had all along! Alan’s compassion, honesty, deep wisdom and sense of humor are all hallmarks of a true teacher. I can honestly say it is one of the best gifts I have given myself. The connections I made with my fellow coaches and the connection I made with myself was so much more than I had hoped for!”

– Phyllis Hammond, Massage Therapist

“Exhilarating! Alan’s cutting-edge teaching style flows from the authority of his inner guidance and intuition. With humor and open-heartedness, he has led our dynamic group down the path to greater confidence, coaching skills, and personal discovery. This program is one of the top most important consciousness expanding experiences I’ve ever had. Life coach training at its best!”

– Marsha Pointer, Yoga Teacher

“When I first found out about this Life Coach Training program I had no doubt in my mind that I just had to do it. Indeed, I was right since it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I am not just a better coach, I am a better human being.”

– Connie Costa, Psychotherapist



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