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“Once I became aware of the Life Coach Training program, I knew instantly that starting my own Life Coach Practice would be a professional passion for me. Working with and being trained by someone as aware, connected and evolved as Alan Cohen has been a gift that keeps on giving in a way that I had not anticipated. The tools I have acquired through his program have had an extraordinary positive impact on my personal life and relationships. What I have gained personally and spiritually has already given me riches and wealth at a level I will benefit from for a lifetime. Alan, I cannot thank you enough for your teachings and spiritual example.”

– Tedi Ann Templeton, Corporate Consultant

“I highly recommend Alan’s Life Coach Training program for anyone ready to have an authentic, intimate relationship with oneself and others. He has opened my heart to my true self and continues to surprise me with his gentle wisdom. This is a spirit-based program created in love and truth that helps you help others.”

– Donna Norman, Hairdresser

“I have received greater clarity and a better understanding of my own path while learning and practicing tools to help others become clearer about the directions they want to take in life. As a leader and facilitator, Alan has a special gift of blending humor, playfulness and wonderful true life stories with deeper yet simple universal wisdom to bring out the best in each participant.”

– Kay Magenheim, Life Coach, CFO, Irrigation Systems Company

“I chose this Life Coach Training Program because I appreciate that Alan’s programs effortlessly blend heart, mind, body, and spirit. Throughout the course the things I knew were affirmed and polished. Things that were new to me were discussed and practiced with other creative and like-Spirited people from many backgrounds. I found the structure of Alan’s process to give me what I need to move into this new arena with confidence and ease, now certain that I know what I know. Thank you!”

– Jennifer Taylor, Non-profit Fundraiser

“This life coaching program is an amazing, awesome, empowering, incredible, transformational, and soul nourishing experience. I had been stuck in a very stressful and unfulfilling situation that was affecting my health, well-being, and quality of life. The coaching process is helping me get back on purpose and make life changes, so that I am living from love and not fear. The other life coaching partners are the most positive and affirming individuals I have ever met. They are truly angels for which I am deeply grateful. If you are looking for a coaching program that is heart-felt, this is it.”

– Sandy N., Public Services Manager

“The Life Coaching Program has been a fabulous journey. For those of you who are using the Law of Attraction, I promise, the Universe will deliver everything and everyone you need to meet to further your evolution in the next session with Alan. Get ready to get REAL – Revived, Energized, Authentic, and Loved.”

– Lori Kilburg, Mother

“This Life Coach Training program came into my life at the perfect time. I have advanced from talking the talk to walking the walk. Not only do I feel competent as a life coach, but this work has changed my personal relationships for the better. It is the real deal.”

– Patrice Strange, Teacher

“Thank you for a magnificent course. It feels like the secrets to what was a great mystery have been revealed – the human heart and how it functions. Along with the coaching, we got a new way to live: being to live in the moment and from a far bigger perspective than I could have imagined.”

– Paul Larbalestier, Attorney, Sydney, Australia

“The Life Coach Training program brought me so much more than training. This growth experience brought me a higher way of living my life. Through like-minded community, supportive teachings and a heart/spirit based approach to business, my way of handling all situations in life has been elevated. Thank you!”

– Cherie Ray, Creativity Coach

“This Life Coach Training program has been one of the most clarifying and empowering experiences I’ve ever had. I understand my life purpose in a new way and now have practical steps to move in the right direction. The support of the entire class, including Alan, was amazing, and I now have a support system that I feel I can contact at any time to help me on my path.”

– Mindy Cowen, Doula and Pregnancy Support Coach



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