Our Principles



Every person has the capacity to live a healthy, happy, productive life, to enjoy well-being and thrive in physical health, relationships, career, finance, and all the endeavors that bring us joy and reward.


We are multi-faceted beings who experience life through mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions.  Happiness and success proceed naturally when we recognize the whole person and integrate all of these factors.


We are each responsible for our experiences. We attain life mastery when we identify the power of choice and causation within ourselves rather than attributing our experience to persons and factors outside ourselves.

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We support each other to grow and thrive by listening, validating, reframing, reflecting, and holding the highest vision of each other and our potential.


Life coaching is a valid, effective, and productive method to resolve issues, clarify our path and purpose, and achieve our chosen goals.


Authenticity is a primary factor in success and well-being. When we  trust and act on our unique inclinations, intuition, and guidance, we succeed. 


Healing and success do not require self-compromise, self-sacrifice, pain, or struggle.  Wellness is achieved by acceptance of self and recognizing the opportunities that difficulties contain. Challenge invites us to grow and become more of who we truly are.


A Higher Power by whatever name we know it is the source of all life and resides within us. When we accept the presence and love that Power offers us, our life takes on meaning and we gain the ability to fulfill our purpose in life.


Service to our fellow human beings is the means by which we make the world a better place and find the deepest personal reward.