Certificate Requirements Guidelines Waiver Travel Itinerary

Dear Coach,

Please review the information below and fill in the information by the requested date. This will help you have the best program experience possible. Make sure you have your travel itinerary available when completing this form. Thank you!


Certificate Requirements

If you wish to receive a signed Certificate of Completion for the Holistic Life Coach Training, you will be asked to do the following:

  1. Participate in at least 12 of the 14 webinars.  You will need to be on the webinar at least 60 of the 75 minutes to be considered present. If you are in a moving vehicle or public place where you cannot put your video on and interact with the program, you will not be counted present.

  2. Have your personal coaching session with Alan.

  3. Participate fully in the In-Person Training Retreat (See below for retreat guidelines.)

  4. Do at least twenty 50-minute practice coaching sessions and submit reports for ten of them.

  5. Watch five of “The Coaching Room” webinars and do a brief report on the coaching skills you learned.  You can participate live or watch the video recording.

  6. Pass a written final exam.

  7. Demonstrate to the instructor a basic working knowledge of life coaching skills.

Retreat Guidelines and Waiver

Full attendance at the retreat is required. Please no late arrivals or early departures. Students who arrive after 3 PM on Monday or depart before Noon on Friday will not be eligible for certification.(Required)
I will refrain from alcohol or recreational drugs for the duration of the retreat, at the retreat center or away.(Required)
Please do not bring electronic devices into the meeting space (laptops/tablets/smart phones/cameras). We will provide you with a pen and notebook to take notes if you wish. (Or feel free to bring your own.)(Required)
Please refrain from using products containing perfumes and scents, including essential oils. Some people have sensitivities to fragrances, and we want to be considerate of everyone.(Required)
This program is compliant with federal and state anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws. You agree not to discriminate or harass other participants or staff and not use the program as a venue to create romantic or sexual interactions with any other participant, during or after the program.(Required)
You will hold harmless the sponsor, Alan Cohen Publications, The Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching, Alan Cohen, and any staff, employees, agents, representatives, or assigns of the above companies and individuals for any damages. By participating you accept full responsibility for your mental, emotional, and physical experience and waive any and all claims against the above.(Required)
While attendance at the training sessions is required, you are free to not participate in any activity or exercise that you feel may not be appropriate for you.
Please do not offer psychic or card readings or any other form of esoteric guidance to other students. While such methods can be helpful, we ask that you focus on practicing your coaching skills rather than giving advice.(Required)
The program does not prescribe any particular course of action in your personal and/or professional life following the program. You accept full responsibility for any life choices or coaching choices you make, and the results they generate, including their effects on you, your clients, or other individuals.(Required)
I acknowledge the above terms, I understand them, and I agree to comply. I also acknowledge the certificate requirements.
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Thank you for your conscious cooperation.

Your support with these practices will make the program more meaningful and successful for everyone!

Travel Itinerary
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