Disclaimer/Hold Harmless Agreement


    1. All of the coaches you are about to peruse have graduated from the Life Coach Training Program sponsored by the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching (FHLC) or its predecessor, Alan Cohen Programs and Publications. All of the coaches have met the standards for a certificate of completion. In the opinion of the sponsor, all the coaches are individuals of good character, integrity, they work from a holistic platform, and they have a sincere desire to serve.


    1. When you, as client, interview and/or choose to work with a coach from this menu, you assume full responsibility for your interaction with that coach. The FHLC does not monitor or intercede in coach-client transactions. All interactions, including coaching sessions and finances, are dealt with between the coach and the client. In the unlikely event of a dispute between coach and client, you and the coach are responsible for all communications and resolution. The FHLC does not participate in any aspect of the private coaching process. It merely serves as a networking agency to support both clients and coaches to meet and create a relationship with the potential to benefit client and coach.


    1. By clicking on the “I agree. Proceed” button below, you agree to accept responsibility for your relationship with any of the coaches on the menu and you hold harmless The Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching, Alan Cohen Publications, Alan Cohen, and any and all of the staff and assigns associated with the coach, his or her training, and any and all results of the coaching process into which you enter.


  1. You further agree that you understand that the life coaches listed here are not experts, advice-givers, gurus, or individuals who will tell you what to do. They are supportive peers who will assist you to consult your own inner wisdom, make decisions in harmony with your own values, and reap the results of your own choices.  If you are seeking medical, legal, financial, relationship advice, or psychotherapy, you will consult a qualified professional in those domains.