Amulet Waving 2.0

Amulet Waving 2.0

Leveraging Illusions for Healing


As we advance in coaching skills, we become attuned to more subtle and sophisticated techniques to help clients progress. This month we will go deeper into the concepts of permission slips, the power of the client to choose healing, and the insightful compassion of a coach to support the client to take the next step from where he now stands.

Hopefully you remember the lesson from our basic life coach training course in which we considered how to respond to a client who tells you, “If you just wave this amulet over my head, I will be healed.”`We arrived at the conclusion that if such an act would bring the client relief from physical or emotional pain—because the client believes it will—then it would be helpful and worthwhile to wave the amulet. We further discussed that it would be helpful at a later time to explore with the client why he believes in the amulet, and to consider that it was the client’s belief in the amulet that healed him rather than the amulet itself.

Bashar calls such an amulet, or any other tool imbued with the power of belief, a “permission slip.” A permission slip is an object, tool, or technique that you use to give yourself permission to create the result you desire. The tool has no power in and of itself, but your belief makes it work. At this time please click here to watch a brief video of Bashar describing permission slips and how they work.

While permission slips are based on illusions—that things outside of our mind can heal us—they are worthwhile because clients benefit from using them. To simply say “it’s all in your mind, all your choice,” would be true, but it the client is not ready to accept this ultimate dynamic principle, you will only generate resistance and even create a block that keeps coaching from progressing. But because you have compassion and you wish to help people more than challenge their beliefs, you can work with clients where they are at, even if they have not yet transcended beliefs in what

A Course in Miracles calls “magic.” Click here to read a powerful Course in Miracles lesson on magic.

Remember, too, the passage from A Course in Miracles that defines the true physician as nothing more or less than the mind of the patient. Click here to read that passage.

This month we will learn from two movies as dramatic teachings in the power of permission slips, or using illusions to leverage healing. One is Kumare, and the other is Noel. I ask that you watch at least Kumare before our teleseminar, or both if you can. If you have already seen Kumare as part of an earlier training, watch Noel. In the documentary Kumare, as an experiment a young Indian man fakes being a guru, and achieved genuine healing with many of his “disciples.” He essentially tricked himself into being a healer. In Noel, a policeman helps a deluded man heal his relationship with his deceased wife. In both cases, the healer played on the illusions in which the clients were steeped, but used those illusions to help the client become free of illusions.

The great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi, who was established in the world of unity, also respected the world of duality. He gave the analogy that if you have a thorn stuck in your foot, you can use another thorn to remove it. This is exactly what happens when you use an illusion to heal another illusion.

Likewise, Bashar says that to be healers we must “replace the illusion of power with the power of illusion.”

This month notice:

1. What permission slips you believe in. Anything outside of yourself that you believe can bring you peace or healing is a permission slip. Examples include: special diet, yoga, exercise, gems, flower essences, a particular location, drugs, surgery, laying on of hands, Reiki, massage, being with a particular teacher of guru, lucky numbers, lucky clothing, and on and on. I am not suggesting that you or your clients should not engage in these permission slips. I am simply asking that you notice what they are and identify them as permission slips. Then begin to consider the possibility that these activities or objects are not powerful in and of themselves. But they are powerful because you project the power of your mind onto them. You give everything the power that you see in it. That’s how much Higher Power loves and trusts you, and has imbued within you the power to create.

2. Notice what permission slips your clients hold dear. What do they believe can or will heal them? How do you deal with your clients’ permission slips. Can you leverage their beliefs to help them rather than the ways they were using their beliefs to hurt themselves?

During our teleseminar I will ask you, among other things, what permission slip you mainly use for yourself, what of your clients believes in, and how you worked with your clients’ belief in permission slips. We will also discuss the two movies assigned, and the Bashar video and A Course in Miracles lesson.

Have fun leveraging illusions for healing!