We are embarking upon a great adventure together. We share the intention for the success of your life coaching practice. Whether you seek to build a coaching profession or to enhance your coaching skills in your current arena of life, this is no small undertaking. Thank you for your willingness to step forward and claim the path you desire, as you help others to claim theirs.


This course is built on these pillars:


1. Growth, success, and happiness are a reflection of inner wholeness and alignment with self. We attend to the inside to affect the outside.

2. We are each 100% responsible for our experience, and we attribute the same power and responsibility to our clients.

3. Our clients’ achievements are related to our own consciousness. Therefore we regard our own healing and awakening as an intrinsic element of our clients’ success.

4. Inner passion is the force behind all external achievement and happiness.

5.  As coaches, we have innate wisdom that guides us, just as our clients have innate wisdom that guides them.

6. Joy and ease are more efficient pathways to success than struggle, strife, and sacrifice.

7. All events and experiences serve our growth and awakening, as they do for our clients.

8. The Law of Attraction draws people and events to us, as it does to our clients. As we understand and master the law, we are deliberate creators of our coaching and our life.


This course springs from what I have learned as a teacher/seminar leader/coach over many years. It is unique to the path I have chosen, as your coaching practice will be unique to your path. I teach these methods because they have yielded successful results for me and those I coach. I encourage you to formulate your unique practice based on what you know and believe and what works for you.


 Each week on the morning following our group teleseminar you will receive four lessons. You can meter the lessons out to approximately two days each. I suggest that you do the lessons in this time frame, rather than reading them all at once or waiting until the end of the week to cram them all in.


Each lesson contains:

(1) A coaching principle
(2) Practical examples of applying the principle
(3) An exercise with several questions for you to answer, or ideas or actions to apply in your daily experience
(4) An affirmation relevant to the theme.


Your success in the course will depend on you doing the exercises and applying them to your personal experience. If you simply read the lessons, you will gain a little. If you do the exercises a little, you will gain a bit more. If you dive into the exercises and really apply them, you will gain a great deal. The course works if you work it.


As a group founded in spiritual truth, we open to guidance and assistance from our Higher Power. We do not walk alone. The fact that you are taking this course at this time, with these particular people joining you, is not happenstance. We are all connected, for good reasons.


Let us begin with open minds and open heart. A vast new territory awaits. Let us claim it, beginning today.












The material in this lesson © by Alan Cohen is proprietary for the education of students enrolled in Life Coach Training Program by the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching.  Copying for any other use is strictly prohibited.