Life Coach Training – Lesson 28


Life Coach Training

Lesson 28

Goal Setting – Part 2

In our last lesson we diagrammed the dynamics of meaningful goal setting, underscoring the importance of recognizing the experiential level of seeking and attaining a goal. In this lesson we will more deeply explore the dynamics of connecting the client with his or her desired experience.

Whatever material goal you are seeking, you are really seeking the experience you believe the material goal will bring you. You want to feel a sense of wealth, self-expression, comfort, connection, or aliveness, and you believe that achieving your goal will help you feel that way. So the goal is not really the end in itself; it is a means to a way of feeling.

When a coaching client asked me to help her manifest her dream home, I asked her to describe it to me.

“My dream home is a house on a hill, surrounded by tall trees, with an ocean view.”

“Great,” I replied. “What feeling does the house give you?”

Security,” she answered.

“And the hill?”

“The hill would show me perspective.”

“Excellent. And the trees?”

“Trees represent growth.”

“Now, your ocean view?” I went on.

“The ocean attunes me to depth.”

“Perfect,” I replied. “So you are really looking for a sense of security, growth, depth, and expansiveness.”

“That’s right!” She lit up.

“If you could feel all of those experiences, would you really need the house?”

“I guess it wouldn’t matter.”

I wasn’t trying to talk my client out of her house; I was trying to show her a short cut to what she really wanted. Because we are spiritual beings at our core, it is the feeling of a particular experience that we crave.

The word “emotion” can be broken down into “e-motion,” which stands for “energy in motion.” When you focus on an emotion, you set into motion the energy associated with it. This is why it is so important to identify and attune yourself to the feelings you associate with the thing you want. When you energize those feelings, with or without the material object, two things happen: 


(1) You feel good right where you stand; and
(2) You set into motion a wave of energy that attracts the thing you want.


When working with a client to manifest a goal, seek to discover the feeling(s) the client is trying to experience. Draw the client forth to describe as many of those feelings as clearly as possible.  Then ask the client if there is some way he could find those feelings right where he stands.  If you can help the client drop into the feeling level of the experience even before he gets the manifestation, you will be performing a service of the highest magnitude—and perhaps save the client years (or lifetimes!) of effort.

The metaphysician Neville Goddard (pen name Neville) discusses The Law of Reversibility.  We all know that if you get the thing you want, you will likely get the feeling you seek. But what most people do not realize is that if you get the feeling of the thing you seek, you amplify your power to attract the thing you desire. This is a brilliant insight into how to make the Law of Attraction work on your behalf. (I highly recommend Neville’s books as an adjunct to this program. Click here for an extensive listing of Neville’s books on 

Because you are a spiritual being at your core, it is the spirit of an experience that can satisfy you. The material aspects of a goal are the accoutrements, or external expression of an internal goal. Material success is a by-product of clarified consciousness. Get clear on the desired experience you associate with your goal, cultivate it  , and you will progress rapidly to what you seek in both the inner and outer worlds.




1.  Name three things you would like to manifest in your life:







2. Name the most prominent feeling or experience you believe each of these things will bring you:








3. How might you tap into your desired feelings and experience now, even before your desired object shows up?




4. When coaching a client, walk him through the above process. Observe how the client is empowered to discover that he has access to his desired experience far sooner than he expected.




As a spiritual being, only experience will satisfy me.
I find and claim my desired experience right where I stand.
I assist my clients to find their desired experiences
right where they stand.