Life Coach Training – Lesson 40


Life Coach Training

Lesson 40

Ready to Fly


A naturalist was driving past a poultry farm when he saw an eagle scratching in the barnyard with the chickens. Curious, he went to the farmer and asked him why an eagle was living with chickens as a chicken

“I found the eagle when he fell out of his nest as a baby,” the farmer explained. “I took him back to the farm and fed him with the chickens. Seeing and knowing only chickens, he adopted their habits and lifestyle. He thinks he’s a chicken, so he lives like one.”

The naturalist asked the farmer if he could do an experiment with the eagle, and the farmer agreed. The naturalist took the eagle to the top of a mountain, held him up, and told him, “You are not a chicken. You are an eagle. You were not born to scratch in a barnyard. You were born to soar in the heavens. Now fly!”

The naturalist released the eagle, but, having no experience flying, he fell to the ground and continued to peck like a chicken. The naturalist picked up the eagle, held him to the heavens, and told him, “Fly!”

Again the eagle dropped to the ground and pecked at the naturalist’s feet. Again the naturalist lifted the eagle and told him, “Fly!” This time the naturalist gave the eagle a good shake and tossed him over the edge of the cliff.

Confused, the eagle began to flap his wings and, although clumsy at first, after a minute he got into a rhythm and flew. Quickly the eagle gained strength, speed, and altitude. The naturalist smiled as he watched the eagle swoop over the valley, soar into the heavens, and disappear from sight.

Most people have spent so much time in the barnyard with chickens that they think they are a chicken, although they are an eagle by nature. When confronted with flying, many people do not think they are ready or act as if they do not know how to fly. But when given the opportunity and some motivation, they step into their power and soar.

We have been studying and practicing coaching intensively. We have discovered the most important principles of what makes coaching work, how deeply your clients will benefit, and how profoundly your own growth and well-being are connected to your coaching practice. We have walked side by side and supported each other to build skill and confidence, and to recognize how deeply worthy and able you are to serve and prosper as a life coach, personally and/or professionally. Now you are ready to fly.

There are many people whose lives you can and will make better because you have coached them, in both formal and informal situations. There are people who are looking for someone just like you who can help them feel better, connect with their passion, and choose a meaningful direction for their careers, relationships, and life. There are people out there who are able, happy, and willing to pay you well for your valuable services to them. As you broadcast your signal indicating who you are, what you stand for, and what are your heart’s intentions for coaching, the Law of Attraction will draw the right people to you for a purpose of shared good.

You are ready. You have what it takes. You have the skill and you have the confidence. Today put any excuses to rest and do what you are here to do. Not just for others, but for yourself. Your gift to the world is your gift to yourself. It’s time to give it.




1. What does your chicken voice say about your ability and readiness to coach?




2. What does your eagle voice say?




3. What is your heart’s desire for your role and results in coaching?




4. How good does it feel to consider yourself as a successful coach?




5. What is your next natural, organic, and fun step to actualize your role as life coach?




6. What appreciations can you note for this course, your fellow students, and yourself as you move ahead to become a life coach?






I have what it takes to be a great coach.
I am grateful for all the experiences that have
led me to this moment.

I step forward with trust and confidence,
and the universe supports me.

The Law of Attraction connects me with the right clients
for the right purpose.
I am ready, willing, and able.

Thank you, Great Spirit, for all the blessings in my life.
And so it is.

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