Life Coach Training – Lesson 41

Life Coach Training

Lesson 41

My Ideal Practice


We will now begin to clarify your coaching practice goals and set up a matrix or vision for your ideal scenario. This will set in motion the dynamics of manifestation.

My client, Drake, is a landscaper who serviced numerous small accounts. One of Drake’s clients, a wealthy man with a large estate, asked Drake, “What would it take for you to make me your only account and work for me full time?”

Drake told the fellow he would have to think about it. He went home and wrote down all the aspects he could picture for his ideal job, including the salary, equipment, hours, and staff. The next day Drake revisited his notes and realized that what he had written did not represent his entire dream. So he upgraded the salary, equipment, and working conditions. The next day Drake came back to his written vision and realized it still wasn’t big enough. This process went on for several days while Drake’s dream job continued to expand on paper.

Finally Drake felt that what he had written was an accurate expression of his true vision. He took the paper to his prospective employer and showed it to him. The fellow read the paper, thought for a moment, and answered, “Sounds good to me.” Now Drake is living his dream job. He did not stop until he asked for what he really wanted, and he got it.

While the process of manifestation is not always that easy (although it can be), Drake’s experience leads us to a principle that will benefit you and your clients:

Ask for 100% of what you want 100% of the time.

You may not always get all of what you ask for at the moment you ask for it, but you will surely get more than if you didn’t ask or if you asked for less.

Now it’s time for you to begin formulating your coaching vision in glorious detail. Take a few minutes now to consider these questions:

What is your most exhilarating vision of your coaching practice?


Do you want to coach full-time or part-time?


Do you want to make a career of coaching, or use it as an adjunct to your current vocation?


If you would like to coach as an adjunct to another vocation, how might you integrate coaching into your current work?


Who would be your ideal clients?


Do you wish to offer general life coaching, or appeal to a niche group?


What subject matter or themes would you like to use to coach your clients?


Do you want to coach by phone/Skype or in person?


What is your ideal coaching location scenario, complete with details of décor?


How much would your ideal fee be, and what would be your monthly or annual income?


What responses and positive feedback would you like to receive from your clients?


What specific feelings would you like your practice to engender within you?


How would your family members and friends ideally relate to you as a coach, and support your practice?


How would you like to advance and grow on your own personal/spiritual path as a result of coaching?


How would you integrate your spiritual beliefs and awareness into your coaching practice?


What else comes to mind when you think about your ideal coaching practice?


Write your vision of “My Ideal Coaching Practice,” including the answers to the questions above, and whatever else comes to mind. Use the format of an ideal day in your life as a coach. Write down what you do from morning to evening in the course of a great day as a coach. Write it (1) In the present tense: “I am sitting in my comfortable chair in my office, wearing my headset, engaging via Skype with a highly motivated client.” (2) With details: “I just received an email from a very appreciative client thanking me for helping her decide which job to take.” (3) With feelings: “As I fill out my deposit slip to post the checks I have received for coaching, I feel abundant and grateful to be able to do what I love and be supported for it.”

After you’ve written about your ideal day, expand upon the vision of your ideal practice and life over the course of your month or year: “I work four days a week and spend quality time with my family during my off time. I take a weekend every other month to travel, go to seminars, and visit friends.”

When you have completed recording your ideal scenario, put it aside, and revisit it tomorrow. Notice how you feel about what you wrote, and ask yourself if this represents your true vision. If you want to refine and update the picture, do so. Once again put the paper aside and revisit it the next day. Repeat the process until you sense, “This is really it!”


I can and will have the coaching practice my heart desires.
I am clear and honest about what brings me the fullest joy.
I move forward, and the universe supports me to manifest my vision.