Coach and Client Feedback Questions


As a reminder, these are the questions to be answered by coach and client after a coaching session. To activate them for use in the automatic system, go to your dashboard, click on “Practice Coaching,” then “Submit a Coaching Report.” 


Questions to be Answered by Coach:


1. What do you feel you did well?




2. What do you believe you could improve on?




3. How do you believe the client benefited from the session?




4. What did you learn from the session?






Questions to be Answered by Client:



1. How did you benefit from the session?




2. What did the coach do that was helpful?




3. How might the coach improve?




4. Regarding the issues or goals you presented to the coach, how do you now feel differently about them, and what might you be doing differently than before the session?



5. Any other comments or suggestions?