Client Says Didn’t Receive Feedback Questions

What to Do When Client Says He or She Didn’t Receive Feedback Questions or Link Doesn’t Work


  1. Remind the client that the report system works only with PCs and Macs, not mobile devices. If the client tried to use a mobile device, ask them to use a PC or Mac instead.

If that doesn’t work:

  1. Resend the client the request for the report by typing the client’s email address on your report sheet. Double check with the client their exact email and be sure you spell it properly. Click “resend.”

If that doesn’t work:

  1. Ask the client to check his/her spam box or trash for the feedback request. The request comes from

If that doesn’t work:

  1. Send the client the feedback questions via your personal email. Then ask the client to send his/her answers back to you directly at your personal email address. As a reminder, the questions are:
    1. How did you benefit from the session?
    2. What did the coach do that was helpful and effective?
    3. How might the coach improve?
    4. Regarding the issues or goals you presented to the coach, how do you now feel differently about them, and what might you be doing differently than before the session?
    5. Any other comments or suggestions?


When you receive the client’s answers in your email, go to your “submit coaching report” form and type YOUR email address in the “Resend” box. Then you will receive via email the request for feedback as if you are the client. When you receive the feedback request, cut and paste the client’s responses from the email you received from the client, insert in appropriate boxes, and click “Submit.”


If you coached another coach in our program and he/she says the link doesn’t work:

Ask coach/client to use a different browser and paste the link into that browser. If he/she uses same browser to which he/she is logged in as coach student, browser will not recognize the request as if for non-student.

Coach/client can also log out of regular browser and paste link in as if non-student. After filling out feedback form coach/client will have to re-log in as student.