Now What?

Now What?


Now that you have completed this advanced life coach training program, what will you do with your life? How will you coach? How will you live?

This program is more of a beginning than an ending. It is intended not as a stopping point, but a launching point. It was created to give you skills to make your life better and improve the lives of your clients. Learning is not the goal. Doing is the goal. Living is the goal. Wisdom without action is meaningless. Truth is real and valuable only when applied.

In the course of our study we have learned from some of the most loving and high-minded teachers who live or have walked the world. Our guides during the ongoing program and the retreat have been impeccable. You will not find higher knowledge on the planet. You have been blessed to be in the presence of greatness.

Yet the goal of coaching and the spiritual path is not simply to be in the presence of greatness. It is to be the presence of greatness. It is to claim the greatness you already own and walk in your true strength. None of the teachers we have studied with want your devotion to them. They want your devotion to yourself. It is not enough to learn from a master. It is only enough to become the master.

Your goal now is simple, but requires your utmost adherence: Take every situation of your life, including your coaching interactions and relationships, and lift them to the divine. Extract the spiritual value of every conversation, coaching session, and even “casual” encounters. In spirit, there are no casual encounters. Make every touching a blessing. All moments and meetings have been orchestrated by the Cosmic Coincidence Control Center for your spiritual awakening and fulfillment, and that of everyone with whom you connect. There are no accidents or random encounters. The drivers in the cars you pass on the road, the phone company agent who answers your call, and the lady who checks in returns at Costco are your gurus. Everyone you meet invites you to choose between love and fear. There are no other options.

Your coaching will now take on new meaning and depth. You will recognize and affirm the perfection of every client who comes to you, whether your interaction is fun and easy, or more challenging. You will realize that your clients are your mirrors, reflecting to you where you stand on your own path, and what is your next step. Your clients will remind you of the importance of loving and accepting yourself, and dropping the judgments you have learned. Your clients are angels to you, as you are to them.

When you sit before a client, remember that you are an agent of the divine. They have been sent to you to find healing and relief from their pain, or to expand their sense of joy, expanded awareness, and achievement. Every coaching session is holy. Welcome all who come to you, through formal channels or those more informal. They are sent to you by God, as you are sent to them.

Remember to keep Spirit first, and let your business details take care of themselves. Do what you need to do without fear or anxiety and partner with Higher Power. Let joy be your guiding theme. Don’t get so caught up in how to attract clients or earn money that you forget that you are provided for at every turn. You live under Grace. The same Grace that has brought you to and through this program will care for you and guide you at every new turn. You are here to serve. As you serve you clients, the universe will serve you.

You are deeply loved. Your decision to become a coach and to deepen and broaden your coaching skills is an intrinsic element of the life path your soul has chosen. Continue to use it in favor of your soul and the souls of your clients, and miracles will unfold.

Blessings on your sacred journey.



1. Which of the teachers or books we have studies has most touched you?

What about this teacher, book, or teaching do you find most inspiring?

How can you live and put this quality into action in your own life?



2. What client(s) or relationship(s) do you find most challenging?

How can you reframe this client or relationship to recognize that he/she/it has been sent to you as a gift for healing and awakening?



3. From our course of study, what new vision have you gained of yourself, your coaching, your clients, or your life?



Take a few moments now and each day to step into this vision and claim it as already real. Expand this vision to all of your daily activities. Live like the person you would like to become, for that is who you are.




I am richly blessed on my life path.

All of my coaching relationships are orchestrated by divine love.

I am healed as I heal.