Power of the Word

The Power of the Word


The Bible tells us, “In the beginning was the word.” This truth does not apply only to the creation of the universe. It applies to the creation of every universe you create every time you speak a word.

Florence Scovel Shinn’s paramount contribution was harnessing the power of the word for herself and her clients. She was a master at manifesting what she spoke. You and I are also are continually manifesting what we speak. For this reason we must take care to use only words that describe what we wish to see demonstrated.

You can easily and masterfully incorporate the power of the word in your coaching practice. To begin, observe your clients’ languaging, and help them become aware of what they are saying and the relationship between what they speak and the results they get.

I coached a woman who was trying to heal eczema. We looked up a Louise Hay book and found that eczema is an expression of antagonism. I asked the client if she felt antagonism toward anyone, and she answered, “no.” Later on in our conversation I asked her what was happening in her world of relationship. “I’m just about ready to shoot myself,” she told me jokingly. But her “joke” was a clue to her unconscious beliefs and feelings. She was antagonistic toward herself. When I brought this to light, she took a step toward healing.

If your client uses ambiguous or ambivalent phrases such as, “sort of,’ “kind of,” “maybe,” and “I’ll try,” help him by asking him to be more definitive. Whenever he uses a wishy-washy phrase, ask him to repeat with a more definitive comment, removing the “sort of” vocabulary.

Use the power of your words to bolster your clients. Your client probably respects your opinion. While you are not an authority figure or expert, when you give your client positive images and expectations, your words register in your client’s subconscious. You can use phrases like, “I can certainly see your vision manifesting”; or “You are closer to your goal than you realize”; or “You are really talented and I know you will succeed.” Most clients have been put down or discouraged by their peers or authority figures. When you use your words to put them up and encourage them, you are helping to offset their negative programming and move in a healthier direction.

This week become keenly aware of the words you speak and the words you hear others speak. If you find yourself speaking in a negative direction, stop and replace your intended phrase with an idea that you prefer to create. When you hear others speak negatively, if appropriate, diplomatically substitute a more affirmative idea. If it’s not appropriate for you to say something, think it.

You are in the process of retraining your mind to create with God. A Course in Miracles tells us, “Only the thoughts I think with God are true.” When you think or speak a truth, the power of God is behind you. You are always in co-creation with Higher Power. Take care of your words and Higher Power will take care of the manifestation.