Personal Mentoring

GATE Advanced Life Coach Training


Personal Mentoring and Curriculum


You will have two personal mentoring sessions with Alan, one a 15-minute meeting in May, during which you will go over your intention/vision statement, which will help Alan get to know where you are on your journey and co-formulate a curriculum for you.

You will have a one-hour session in June or July during which you will go more deeply into your process, see where you are on the journey you have chosen, and look at ways to further your transformation and manifestation.


To sign up for your appointments:

Go to:

This will bring up the user login page.  Input the same user name and password you used to access your personal navigation page during your coach training program.

After you log in, the “make an appointment” page will show up.

Choose your time zone from the drop down menu.

A list of available appointment times will show up.

Choose two appointment slots, ONE  in May, and ONE in June or July.

The May appointment will be a 15-minute co-creation of your personal curriculum, and the June or July appointment will be a one-hour deeper mentoring conversation.

Your personal curriculum will include avenues of study that will augment the general group study you will be doing. Elements might include books, videos, audios, websites, affirmations, practices, action plans, or connections with other individuals who may further your progress.


To Access Your Personal Mentoring Sessions:

You have a choice of connecting via telephone or video.

To connect via telephone:

1. Dial (201) 479-4595

2. Enter Meeting Number 24474179

Please use a landline rather than a mobile phone to ensure a good quality connection.


To connect via video:

1. Before your appointment, go to and download the Fuze Meeting application.

2. At the time of your appointment, open up the application and click on Join Meeting

3.  Enter your name and Meeting Number 24474179

4. Click on Start Camera


After your session, whether phone or video, you will receive a link to the recording.


You can also use an iPad or Android for a video session. You can download these apps from the same page you download the program for your computer.


If you have any difficulty accessing your session, phone (808) 572-0001.