GATE Advanced Life Coach Training


Retreat Information

The Retreat includes:

  • Five glorious days at the Banyan Tree Retreat Center, Maui
  • Leading edge instruction by Alan, with practices to take your coaching skills to a superior level as you integrate powerful spiritual principles with grounded practical results
  • Guidance as to how to advance your coaching or related business
  • Interactive guest presentations by some of the best teachers and coaches on the planet
  • Connection, fellowship, and support by like-minded coaches on a similar path
  • Extraordinary celebration!

Lodging and Facilities
Our retreat will take place at the beautiful Banyan Tree Retreat Center, located near the charming historic town of Makawao in upcountry Maui, on the slopes of Haleakala, Maui’s famous sacred dormant volcano. We have chosen the site for its beauty, privacy, comfort, the consciousness of the people who manage it, and the energy contributed by many individuals and groups that have visited the center for spiritual retreats and healing. Although Banyan Tree enjoys a central location, it is pleasantly removed from Maui’s hotel and resort areas, and it offers a quiet retreat with spectacular views of a large portion of the island. Most rooms have private bathrooms; all rooms have bathrooms a few steps from your door. There is a large swimming pool and Jacuzzi for your enjoyment, as well as lovely landscaped grounds. For information about the retreat center, including driving directions, visit

Dates, Arrival, and Departure

Fly into Kahului, Maui, airport code OGG. Many air carriers fly directly into Maui. This will save you time rather than changing planes in Honolulu. Make your travel plans to arrive at the retreat center before 2 PM on Sunday, July 20. Check-in will be from 12 – 2 PM, followed by an orientation/opening session at 4 PM. Our office will make your reservation for the retreat dates July 20-25, 2014. If you wish to stay at the retreat center before or after those dates, please make arrangements with the center directly by calling 808-572-9021. The program concludes at 1:30 PM on Friday, July 25. Due to the nature of the Life Coach Training, it is important that the entire group begin and end together, so please no late arrivals or early departures. Allow sufficient time to get from the airport and back in a peaceful, easeful manner. The retreat center is approximately a 25-minute drive from the airport. We strongly recommend that you allow yourself more time in the islands before and after the training. This will help you adjust to the time difference and be rested and present for the beginning of the training. You will also appreciate transition time before you go home.


Island Transportation

You have the option to rent a car or take a taxi/shuttle from the Maui airport. Most major car rental companies have outlets at the airport. If you want to rent a car, we recommend renting through Car Rental Hawaii, a local agency that brokers car rentals through all the major agencies. The operators, Nicholas and Miryam, are friends of ours, in tune with our program. They can often get you better deals than booking with larger companies and sometimes have cars when other companies are sold out. Book online at: If you wish to take a taxi to the center, we recommend Carl’s Taxi. Carl’s Taxi covers this route from the airport and it is best to make arrangements in advance. They will also stop for you on the way to pick up any food or supplies you might need. (If you are arriving at the retreat center before Wednesday, please note that there will be no food service available until Wednesday dinner.) You can reach Carl’s at 808-573-1010, and tell them you are with Alan Cohen seminars. Post your travel info on our group blog if you wish to carpool rental car or taxi.



Your payment for the retreat includes three delicious meals prepared daily by our excellent retreat chef, plus snacks. Please let us know by June 20 if you have any special dietary needs. After that date we may not be able to accommodate and special requests. If you would like to bring your own snacks, please check to see if the room you are in has a refrigerator in it. Some do and some do not.



You will awaken amidst peaceful surroundings, including lush greenery and fragrant flora, which has made Maui an attractive destination for so many. The island is vibrant with natural beauty. Step outside to breathe in the pristine air and take in the expansive view of island, mountains, and ocean. Our first group gathering each day will be a guided group meditation before breakfast. This is a powerful time for you to align with your spiritual source and join energetically with your co-participants. We will have three meetings each day day that will enable you to advance your coaching practice and your personal growth. We will meet in the morning for a guided group meditation. Then again after breakfast from 9:00 AM until 12:30 PM, including a short break. After lunch, you will have some free time to rest, get outdoors, or connect with each other. Our third meeting will be from 3-6 pm. Dinner will be at 6 PM. In the evening those of you who would like to share any experiences or techniques with the group will have the opportunity to do so, and those who wish to attend, will. You will also have the option for massage in the evening. The training sessions will support you to get clear on your personal intentions for your coaching path, build skills, bolster your confidence, expand your practice, and have fun in the process. At the retreat we will also enjoy group bonding that will be a source of rich support for you and your program partners during the retreat and long afterward. During the sessions you will have plenty of opportunities to practice your coaching skills and receive feedback from Alan and the other participants. Alan will also work one-to-one with each participant during the group sessions. There will be a natural, progressive, easy unfolding, and you will have realizations that will help you personally and professionally.

Guest presenters
We are honored to enjoy the presence of some of the most outstanding coaches and spiritual guides on the planet. They include:
Ram Dasslive in person – One of the most influentialspiritual teachers to create transformation of consciousness in our culture over the last fifty years.
Michael Neill – Supercoach author, world-class coaching teacher, and Hay House Radio coach. Live via streaming video.
 Dougall Fraser – Gifted high-integrity intuitive coach with lots of heart. Author of But You Knew That Already . Live via streaming video.
The Wall Street Coach Kim Ann Curtin brings a wealth of world finance experience to her coaching practice and strives to infuse meaning and ethics to the business sector. – Live via streaming video .


Retreat Atmosphere

We invite you to be fully present at the retreat, and to not attempt to conduct your home life or your business from the retreat. If you are generally busy with family, relationship, or business management, the retreat is an extraordinary opportunity for you to step back and discover who you are, what you want, and where you are headed, independent of your regular routine and interactions. It will be a great week to recharge and renew your spirit. Cell phone service is available at the retreat center, as well as wireless Internet. Please do not bring cell phones or communication devices into the meeting room except to take notes. Use of alcohol and recreational drugs is not permitted at the retreat center or during the program. Please plan to focus on being at the retreat and minimize any interactions with home or business. All of us doing this will make the experience even more meaningful.


Weather and Clothing J

July weather in the retreat center area tends to be warm and breezy. Temperatures may be in the mid-80′s during the day and drop to the 70′s at night. Rain may come and go, so bring a poncho or small umbrella. Dress for the retreat is comfortable and casual.


Items to Bring

1. A journal or writing pad and pen

2. A personally meaningful item for the inspiration table we will co-create. This can be anything that inspires you or has symbolic significance to you, such as a photo of a loved one(s); a gift you received; a stone; a feather; piece of jewelry; or whatever you feel guided to bring. You can take it home at the end of the program

3. Any information or promotional materials related to your coaching career or aspirations.

For example, a business card, brochure, CD/DVD; photo(s); website address; or anything else that makes a statement about what you do or would like to do. If you don’t already have a professional piece produced, you can mock up a rough draft on your own. You will receive more information as we come closer to the retreat. The schedule during the retreat is subject to slight alteration.


Thank you for your participation. This is going to be a great experience!