Integral Master Coach Training


The Integral Master Coach Training Program is an advanced course for coaches who wish to accelerate their professional, personal, and spiritual progress and success. The course integrates lofty spiritual and metaphysical themes with practical, grounded techniques that bear observable, experiential results in the lives of coaches and clients.


Program themes include:

  • Stepping into your full power as a transformational coach
  • Recognizing and drawing from higher-dimensional energies to facilitate healing
  • Coming to peace with your own path to regard yourself as a healed healer even while you walk your path of personal evolution
  • Learning to distinguish between the voice of ego and Spirit, fear and love, for yourself and your clients
  • Mastering money issues so you are open to be paid well for your services
  • Deepening your connection with Higher Power to serve your spiritual unfoldment
  • Finding your right and perfect role in the blueprint of life and connecting with those who match you.

Program elements include:

  • Personal Mentoring with Alan
  • A personalized curriculum for each student
  • Feedback and support on coaching or the project of your choice
  • Three one-hour webinars
  • Five-day In-person Maui retreat
  • Certificate option