Supercoach Intro





     Coaching is a sacred opportunity.  It calls you to step into your true power, identity, and purpose, and call your clients to theirs. In choosing this program you have signaled your intention to rise to your highest potential as a coach and to invite  your clients to rise to theirs.  Blessed are you for claiming your destiny. You shall surely succeed.

     This program goes beyond the basic life coach training in that it will stretch you to embrace a broader understanding of the spiritual and metaphysical principles that form the underpinning of successful coaching and living.  This understanding will serve you personally and professionally. Many courses teach logistical change, which is helpful, but not many teach causational transformation. In this course we will explore and illuminate the source of behavior and experience, not just its symptoms.  At the same time we unveil broad metaphysics, we will learn grounded, practical techniques that make these principles work masterfully on the earth plane. “Head in the clouds, feet on the ground.”

     Our initial explorations will be based on the book Supercoach and teachings of Michael Neill. I discovered Michael on Hay House Radio. His show airs during the hour before my show on Thursdays. While waiting for my show to go on I sometimes listen to his program.  He brilliantly weaves universal spiritual principles into very simple, clear, practical coaching. He has been coaching celebrities and executives for many years, and he has a strong handle on money. He recognizes the value of his work and is confident to charge well for his services. He is kind yet direct. He draws from Zen and many philosophies you will recognize. As I read Michael’s book I was amazed at the many examples, parables, and exercises identical to those I present and we value in this course of study. He takes this content and offers it from his unique experience and perspectives.

     Supercoach serves on two levels: Spiritual growth and coaching skills. You can read the book as a client or a coach, and grow. There are oodles of exercises you can use with yourself and your clients. It’s an easy read, not too hard on the mind, yet stimulating. The book will not be an object unto itself, but a platform from which we will draw the best material and expand on it in ways relevant to our group and where you stand on your coaching journey.

     Michael Neill will join us live via streaming video during our retreat in July, where you will have the opportunity feel his presence and interact with him directly. He’s a great guy.

     You will enjoy Supercoach. It’s who you are.