Supercoach Lesson 6

Masters Do What they Do Best


There is a strong and consistent connection between passion, creativity, and success, for you and your clients. Masters do what they do best. This maxim, simple as it sounds, runs deep and calls us to practice it as a supremely guiding principle.

To make this theme real in your experience, you must have faith that what you do best has more value to you and the world than what you do not do best. You have been given unique gifts and talents to bring to others. You know what they are. When you recognize, accept, and act on them, you are in the Tao, or the divine flow. You are fulfilling your destiny as an extension and expression of God. When you do what you do best, you are acknowledged by others, paid well, and you feel fulfilled at the deepest level. You know that you have a reason and purpose in life, and you are living it.

Many people, however, do not do what they do best. The feel shy, selfish, or unworthy to hang out their shingle as a coach, seminar leader, healer, or consultant, or to charge for their services. Instead, they do things that are more menial or that provide income but not joy. I feel sad when I see extraordinarily talented people doing less rewarding activities because they are reluctant to claim their magnificence. One of your greatest contributions to your clients is to model doing what you do best, so you can inspire them to do the same.

Let’s look at some of the reasons or ways that people do not do what they do best, so we can shine the light on those illusions and reverse them in your favor and that of your clients. You or your clients might:


  • Do what is familiar and stay in the trend of history
  • Defer to the opinions or guidance of others as to what you should be doing
  • Feel guilty about receiving money for expressing your talent (“I can’t take money for something that feels so good.”)
  • Believe that unless you are working hard or struggling you are shirking your responsibility (“This is too much fun to call my profession.”)Take refuge in the safety of an assured income doing something you don’t prefer
  • Fear losing the identity you have created and by which others recognize you
  • Any other reason you can personally think of? __________________________


Now let’s look at why doing what you do best works on levels so much deeper and more effective:

  • You wake up in the morning and look forward to your day
  • You make the lives of other people easier and make the world a better place
  • You are in tune with divine guidance, receive consistent inspiration, and experience grace and synchronicity
  • You become a channel for Spirit rather than a separate struggling ego
  • You keep expanding your creativity, come up with new ideas and products, and surf on the cutting edge of genius and aliveness
  • You live from joy and celebration rather than fear, guilt, and protectiveness
  • You feel healthy, vital, and youthful
  • You are paid well and enjoy a sense of abundance at every level
  • Your life becomes an adventure rather than a task

A brief cost and payoff analysis of the above two lists makes obvious how important it is for you to do what you do best. At this stage of your journey, nothing less is acceptable.

When I do what I do best, which for me is writing, teaching, coaching, healing, being in nature, meditating, and spending quality time with my family, I am happy and fulfilled. Everything makes sense and I remember why I am here. When I defer to lesser things, which for me is office work, logistical details, unnecessary emails, or engaging in fear thoughts, I feel empty and I have the sense that I am missing out on life. More and more I am claiming my true gifts. When I allow, delegate, or hire others to do the tasks that are depleting for me, those things get done in even better ways than if I had tried to do them myself, and I am free to do the things that belong to me by virtue of spirit. The universe always supports me to do what I do best, and does not support me to do what is outside of my talent. That is blessed feedback.

This week have an honest conversation with yourself, God, and those close to you who matter, and tell the truth about what your talents are and why your are called to do them. Then claim the courage to let go of that which does not match your joy and establish yourself in your right path of fulfillment and service.

[Book recommended as an adjunct to this lesson: Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work by Ariel and Shya Kane. Check out the Kane’s website:]



1. What do you do best? What are your true gifts and talents you bring to the world?



2. What do people thank and compliment you for the most?



3. How much of your time/life do you spend engaging in what you do best?



4. What are you doing now that is not what you do best?



5. What activities deplete or drain you?



6. How much of your time/life do you spend doing activities that do not represent your true talent?



7. What can you do on your own behalf to increase the amount of time and energy you spend on your expressing your talent and decrease the other activities?



I do what I do best, and the universe supports me
at every level in powerful ways.