Supercoach Lesson 7




It’s time for us to go deeper and get clearer in our relationship with money, especially regarding earning money for coaching or other spirit-based service and projects.  The principles below will help you as you put them into practice:


1. Your relationship with money is a leading-edge seminar for spiritual awakening.

If you are struggling or have anxiety about money, take the focus off of “How can I earn more?” and focus instead on “What truth is my current situation moving me to recognize?”  The ego attempts to make outer circumstances seem like the issue, while inner awakening is the real gift and opportunity. Your inner lesson is always related to self-worth, your sense of supply, willingness to trust, and the recognition of the presence of a loving Higher Power. You have not been thrown into an unkind world and forced to fend for yourself. Providence is with you. If you can relax about money and stay focused on passion, vision, creativity, play, and service, you will be guided every step of the way, your right clients will find you, and all the money or sustenance you need will come to you as you need it.


2. Don’t dictate how or when your prosperity must show up.

If you are fixated on one way your abundance must come, you limit the doors through which Spirit can find you.  Higher Power has many creative avenues through which to reach and help you.  Follow the method you prefer to gain income, but at the same time be open to unusual, clever, and creative ways you can have all you need. I met a woman who wanted to live in nature in Hawaii, but she and her husband did not have the money to buy a property. Then she met the owner of an 1100-acre estate on Kauai that needed a caretaker. The woman and her husband ended up living rent-free on a fabulous estate, with all the amenities as if they owned it. One definition of ownership is “the right to use and enjoy.”  So your good can come through many unexpected doors.  Let yourself be taken care of by a bigger plan than you can imagine.



3.  Substitute “love” for “money “in financial transactions.

Money is a form through which energy moves, and the energy that powers the entire universe is love. So when you are spending or receiving money, you are moving love around.  When paying someone, think, “I am giving this person love.”  When receiving money, think, “this person is giving me love.”  You can also think of financial transactions in terms of gratitude.  Someone gives you a good massage, so you say “thank you” with love in the form of money. When paying your credit card bill, thank each vendor for the goods or services they provided. When people pay you for your coaching or other services, they are appreciating you. When anyone gives gratitude, they are blessed to be in the consciousness of thanks. Your clients need to appreciate you for the sake of their own happiness.  Give clients the opportunity to practice gratitude and build their abundance muscles by paying you. 

Check out Jerry Gillies’ book MoneyLove.


4. Your money transactions are an expression and reflection of your self-worth.

Money serves as an impeccable mirror for your beliefs about what you deserve.  You will receive as much money (or other forms of sustenance) as you believe you are worth. If you are having any fears or difficulty receiving money, use the experience to shine light on your sense of self-worth. 

On the most basic level, you are worthy to be supported no matter what you do. You are worthy not because of what you do, but because of what you are.  You are the beneficiary of the biggest trust fund in the universe. There are no prerequisites you must achieve before you deserve to be 100% supported.  So get over the idea you have to earn your good.  Real love is not earnable. It is a truth of your existence.

Next, recognize the immense value you bring to the lives of your clients by coaching them. You are helping and healing them in ways that run far deeper than surface manipulation. You are helping them alter their consciousness, the only real help there is. Your coaching is netting your clients better relationships, health, career fulfillment, and prosperity. If your clients latch on to basic prosperity principles, even in one coaching session, they may go on to earn millions of dollars more in their lifetime than they would have if they had not had your coaching or teaching.  Is not such extraordinary prosperity worth their investment in your session or series of sessions?

Recognize how much you are helping people, and you will recognize your deservingness to be helped.


5. Prosperity follows passion.

The more you connect with your authentic passion and express it, the more you will become a prosperity magnet. Passion is prosperity. If your money situation feels shaky or stagnant, check in with yourself to see if you are living in alignment with your passion in your career and in your personal live. Are you doing the things you would like to be doing?  Are you doing things you would rather not be doing?  Are you true to your highest excitement, or do you believe you must compromise?  Success never requires you to engage in activities distasteful to your soul. To the contrary, it calls you to let your soul shine. As you tell more truth about what makes your heart sing and you follow its direction, you will exude joy, attract people who wish to magnify their own joy, and they will be happy to pay you for modeling authenticity and helping them cultivate their own aliveness.




1.  How do your current finances represent what you believe about yourself, prosperity, and how life works?    Write down the belief system your current financial picture represents:



Now write down the belief system you would like your finances to reflect:



2.   Do you have a fixed idea of how your prosperity should come to you?  

If so, what is that idea?



Using your imagination, through what other avenues might you be supported?



3.  The next time you write a check or go over your credit card statement, verbally and audibly thank each vendor for the particular goods or services he or she has provided you.  Make your financial transactions an adventure in expanding gratitude and celebration.





4. How do your current finances reflect your self-worth?



If you valued yourself more, how would you be dealing with money differently?




5.  If you were willing to follow your highest passion, what would you be doing more of?



What would you be doing less of?






Money is my friend. I love having money to do things that make my heart sing, and I deserve it.

I use money as an opportunity to give and receive love.

All of my money transactions expand my joy and the joy of those with whom I interact.

The universe supports me in wondrous ways to have all I need
and help others to have what they need.