Integral Master Coach Training



Our six webinars will afford us the opportunity to connect regularly, deepen our understanding of the material we are delving into, share our progress, receive feedback from the instructor, and enjoy mutual support.

We will be using the Fuze Meeting webinar media, which will allow you to log in via your computer and interact via video; or log in via your computer and interact via audio; or telephone into the webinar.  Instructions to access the webinars are below.

All the webinars will be recorded and archived for review.  After each webinar you will receive a web link to access the recording.


Dates: May 13, 28, June 10, July 1, 15, 29

Time: 5:30 PM Pacific, 6:30 Mountain, 7:30 Central, 8:30 Eastern

Duration:  1 Hour. If questions or discussion require, up to 15 minutes added.


How to connect via computer: 

Go to www.fuze.com/download and download the application – it’s free. Do this  significantly in advance of the first webinar so you can familiarize yourself with the dashboard.

At the time of webinar:

Open up the Fuze Application described above.

Enter meeting number

This meeting number will be the same for all the webinars.

When you wish to speak, go to the small camera icon on the lower part of the dashboard and click: camera on.

Depending on how your computer is configured, we should be able to see you when you speak. Click camera off when you are finished speaking.                             


How to access via telephone:


Call  (201) 479-4595.

Enter  meeting number  24474179


You can also use an iPad or Android for the webinars. You can download these apps from the same page you download the program for your computer. www.fuze.com/download

As always, please phone using a landline or computer rather than mobile phone, to preserve sound quality for the other participants.


If you have any difficulty accessing the webinar, phone (808) 572-0001 or email connect@devhc.holisticcoach.org.